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Pote Kole 19

Investing in the next generation

In May 2020, CLE concluded a new coronavirus response initiative called POTE KOLE-19 which provided direct support in the form of small grants and technical assistance and mentorship to Haitian leaders, community organizations and social enterprises that are on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic, working diligently to safeguard, protect, and heal their communities, in the face of a severe health, social and economic challenges.

This competition was open to the CLE leaders network (over 6000 individuals and nearly 1000 organizations across 8 departments in Haiti) and 32 diverse initiatives from 8 different departments were selected. CLE raised a total of  $70,000 for these grants and the execution of the initiative was supported by WKKF through our existing grant.

The initiatives were diverse, and were an exciting panorama of the ways in which engaged leaders and communities are mobilizing their skills and influence to solve the critical needs their communities are facing. Beyond initiatives to strengthen the local health sector, and produce and distribute PPE, initiatives included investment in entrepreneurial solutions for essential service delivery, agricultural investments, and support to anti-stigmatization, women/girls protection, wellness and mental health initiatives.

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Equipping a new generation of women
leaders for greater impact.