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The Colloquium on Social Entrepreneurship in Haiti, is organized by the Haitian Center for Leadership and Excellence on January 25-25, 2023 in partnership with Hope for Haiti, Coady International Institute, Global Affairs Canada, Dunn Family Charitable Foundation and ProFin.

The social commitment of young Haitians is an asset for us to recover from the socio-economic crisis facing the country. The Colloquium will ask these emerging entrepreneurs to set their own agendas for success and for the future. They will unpack their challenges and opportunities in a virtual plenary discussion attended by donors and service partners, who are all committed to expanding the resources and support to help them succeed. Through two pitch competitions, $15,000 will be awarded to 8-10 women-led enterprises at different stages of development, to help them grow their vision for change.

The objective of the Colloquium on Social Entrepreneurship in Haiti is to launch a dynamic platform where entrepreneurs, partners, and funders can build a shared Haitian language for this field, and design innovative new collaborations that help us go further.

Register for the Colloquium and join the effort to help the next generation of Haitian social entrepreneurs succeed!


Colloquium on
Social Entrepreneurship

in Haiti

wednesday january 25, 2023

How Can We Work Together to
Advance Social Entrepreneurship in Haiti?
Social Business Competition 
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thursday january 26, 2023

Social Business Competition 
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Launch of the Haiti Food System Alliance

After years in the making, CLE is proud to announce the launch of the Haiti Food Systems Alliance (HFSA). This coalition is led by Acceso, a Haitian agricultural business Acceso and partner, and brings together 14 established Haitian businesses and organizations working to improve Haiti’s agricultural sector from the bottom up.
The HFSA leverages the expertise, resources, and reputations of local partners. With the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the alliance will take coordinated actions to put Haiti on a path to food security. CLE is proud to join this milestone effort as a service partner in order to strengthen the capacity of the individuals and organizations who will build a stronger agricultural and food system from the bottom up.

Chanpyon Lakay 2022 is launched!


Leadership Programs

Our integrated programs combine skills-based training, innovation research, place-based accompaniment and networking campaigns to enhance the capacities of exemplary Haitian leaders. With a focus on women, youth and communities, we tailor our programs and meet leaders where they are, to help them launch new social change focused initiatives and enterprises and bring change to their communities.



Research initiatives are central to our work. We highlight everyday leaders in Creole-language videos, articles, and publications. We conduct surveys and document local solutions and innovations that address Haiti’s most systemic and engrained issues. These stories inspire others to believe that, they too, can bring much needed change to their own communities.


Strategic Initiatives

Catalyzing leadership requires taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Working with close partners, CLE has launched several strategic initiatives that open up new avenues for advancement to the members of our network. These initiatives are integrated throughout our programs, and are diverse and responsive to their interests and goals. They include an accompanied grant fund called POTE KOLE to support locally-led reconstruction efforts after Haiti’s August earthquake as well as during the coronavirus pandemic, Chanpyon Lakay - CLE’s yearly youth leadership competition, women’s mentorship roundtables and more.

Our Impact

CLE programs have engaged a network of over 6000 leaders in all ten departments of Haiti. We have trained 2150 leaders (40% women) and engaged over 850 local organizations in enterprises in our capacity building work. CLE works to directly support local leaders across sectors, and in their regions where they live and work. We know that supporting these leaders’ vision for change, and improving their skills for leadership and enterprise will create the lasting effect we seek across Haiti.

1 %
of our participants

launch new community and economic development activities after participating in CLE programs


Number of additional community members CLE participants engage in community development and progress initiatives, on average, after participating in CLE programs.

10 K

People engaged through participants’ own efforts


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