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Building a Social Change Leadership Plan for Haiti


Boosting social innovation

The first residential seminar of the Angaje programme took place in Cap Haitien from 4 to 10 February. Through this programme, CLE renews its commitment to support young entrepreneurs in the network and to create a platform that allows them to meet, discuss and share their visions, skills and resources. Our aim is to empower them to work towards a more prosperous, inclusive and equitable economy in Haiti.

Unlike the previous seminar, the second seminar of the Angaje programme, scheduled for 14-28 June 2024, will take place online, through Zoom exchanges with experienced experts in training fields such as agro-industry, education, health and craft production, among others.

Angaje represents an innovative evolution that combines the strengths and successes of our previous cohorts – Fanm Angaje, Antreprenè Angaje and Lidè Kominote Angaje. These young leaders are at the heart of our 12-month programme, dedicated to driving positive change and economic growth. The enhanced ANGAJE “super” programme is more than a training course; it supports a complete ecosystem designed to nurture and empower Haiti’s future leaders. 

Building on Success - Impact in 2023

Participants will benefit from an immersive experience, including:

  • Residential Seminars: Intensive learning and networking opportunities to share ideas and strategies.
  • Targeted Coaching and Mentorship: Personalized guidance from industry experts to refine and advance their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Technical Consulting Services: Essential support in critical areas such as legalization and marketing to ensure sustainable business growth.
  • Access to Seed Grants and Flexible Financing: Financial resources to turn innovative ideas into tangible results.

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ANGAJE Core Funding Partners

ANGAJE Program Partners

Join us on June 27, 2024 to Celebrate the Achievements of Emerging Haitian Entrepreneurs

celebrating the

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) Enterprises, defined as enterprises with 100 or less employees, employ 80% of the Haitian economy. Especially in value-generating sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing and services, MSME’s are the main engine of growth, investing in the scale of Haiti’s national products and providing critical services such as health care and access to financing where larger institutions and the public sector are often absent.

CLE and its partners are thrilled to be investing in and celebrating the new generation of social entrepreneurs with our second annual day of MPME events, on June 27, 2024

On June 27, 2024 at 2 pm, join us for the webinar, “Boosting Social Innovation and Growth: Enhancing Capital Access for Entrepreneurs,” gathering entrepreneurs, incubators and investors to explore challenges and opportunities faced by innovative MPME’s, specifically women and youth-led, in accessing appropriate growth capital.

We will also be launching our second annual Entrepreneurship Survey to assess opportunities, challenges, resources, and needs for emerging entrepreneurs, providing consistent data on which entrepreneurs, programs, and investors can rely.

Boosting Social Innovation and Growth: Enhancing Capital Access for Entrepreneurs

Time: 2:00 -3:00 PM

Stay tuned to participate in the survey, launching July 27!




∙ 650 000 Gourds
∙ 300 000 Gourds
∙ Plaque of honor and merit
∙ 15 months of technical assistance with CLE

5 "CHANPYON LAKAY" winners

∙ 300 000 Gourds
∙ Plaque of honor and merit
∙ 15 months of technical assistance with CLE

4 Finalists

∙ 65 000 Gourds
∙ Plaque of honor and merit
∙ 15 months of technical assistance with CLE

Building on Success - Impact in 2023

The commitment of Haitian social entrepreneurs is key to emerging from the current socio-economic crisis. These courageous and visionary young Haitians are finding market-driven solutions to systemic challenges, working to transform sectors such as health care and agro-business to build the inclusive, growing, and self-reliant economy that Haiti needs and deserves. This work is supported by core partners W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Global Affairs Canada, and the TK Foundation, and key program and market partners including our 14 agricultural organizations at the Haiti Food System Alliance. Together we are building a long-term plan to assess gaps in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, and launch strategic and ambitious programming that is as bold as the new generation of Haitian social entrepreneurs and leaders.

Channeled in seed grants

to over 40 youth and women-led social enterprises through six different grant and business competitions.



 registered businesses


social enterprises incubated

providing residential leadership development, technical training and coaching, and peer mentorship

Maëva Jean Baptiste


Community Street Cleaning Enterprise
| South

Rebetha Charles


Food Transformation Business
| Grand Anse

Djimy Saintil


Agro Transformation Enterprise
| Northeast

Marie Dayana Thedal


Organic Beauty Products Enterprise
| Centre

Jean Max Cangé


Chicken Breeding Business
| West

Launch of the Haiti Food System Alliance

After years in the making, CLE is proud to announce the launch of the Haiti Food Systems Alliance (HFSA). This coalition is led by Acceso, a Haitian agricultural business Acceso and partner, and brings together 14 established Haitian businesses and organizations working to improve Haiti’s agricultural sector from the bottom up.
The HFSA leverages the expertise, resources, and reputations of local partners. With the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the alliance will take coordinated actions to put Haiti on a path to food security. CLE is proud to join this milestone effort as a service partner in order to strengthen the capacity of the individuals and organizations who will build a stronger agricultural and food system from the bottom up.


Leadership Programs

Our integrated programs combine skills-based training, innovation research, place-based accompaniment and networking campaigns to enhance the capacities of exemplary Haitian leaders. With a focus on women, youth and communities, we tailor our programs and meet leaders where they are, to help them launch new social change focused initiatives and enterprises and bring change to their communities.



Research initiatives are central to our work. We highlight everyday leaders in Creole-language videos, articles, and publications. We conduct surveys and document local solutions and innovations that address Haiti’s most systemic and engrained issues. These stories inspire others to believe that, they too, can bring much needed change to their own communities.


Strategic Initiatives

Catalyzing leadership requires taking advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Working with close partners, CLE has launched several strategic initiatives that open up new avenues for advancement to the members of our network. These initiatives are integrated throughout our programs, and are diverse and responsive to their interests and goals. They include an accompanied grant fund called POTE KOLE to support locally-led reconstruction efforts after Haiti’s August earthquake as well as during the coronavirus pandemic, Chanpyon Lakay - CLE’s yearly youth leadership competition, women’s mentorship roundtables and more.

Our Impact

CLE programs have engaged a network of over 6000 leaders in all ten departments of Haiti. We have trained 2150 leaders (40% women) and engaged over 850 local organizations in enterprises in our capacity building work. CLE works to directly support local leaders across sectors, and in their regions where they live and work. We know that supporting these leaders’ vision for change, and improving their skills for leadership and enterprise will create the lasting effect we seek across Haiti.

of our participants
1 %

launch new community and economic development activities after participating in CLE programs


Number of additional community members CLE participants engage in community development and progress initiatives, on average, after participating in CLE programs.

10 K

People engaged through participants’ own efforts


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Our Community


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