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Showcasing Youth Leaders
on a National Platform


Two of CLE’s key priorities are to increase the profile of the youth in our programs and to engage the larger public in our work. To that end, in 2018, CLE engaged its large network across the country to support our launch of the first “Chanpyon Lakay” (or “Local Heroes,” in English) competition, to identify and highlight youth leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. 

This competition was held at a national scale and received over 100 applications of which 10 were retained to go to the next round. The finalists campaigned for an entire month, resulting in over 30,000 people voting to select the five winners.  The five were named the 2019 “Chanpyon Lakay” and received seed funding from the Digicel Foundation and international scholarships to leadership programs at the Coady International Institute in Canada.

Meet the winners of
Chanpyon Lakay 2019

chanpyon lakay

Meet Katrine,
the Top Chanpyon!

Karine Vital

Founder Katrina Compost Business” (KCB)

Katerine Vital, an agronomist and founder of “Katrina Compost Business” (KCB), received the most votes of all five winners. KCB was created to recycle biowaste into organic fertilizer aimed at helping small-scale farmers increase their yields by up to 30% over five years. As a result of the visibility from the championship, Katerine attracted the attention of the Ministry of the Environment, who have since engaged in discussions about supporting her work. In November of this year, Katerine led a leadership training for members of her organization to increase their professional, leadership and agricultural development skills in order to better scale KCB’s mission.

Despite the difficulties currently facing Haiti, these young change makers are paving new roads for progress in Haiti through their unwavering commitment to innovation, collaboration and impact.

CLE’s diverse and broad leadership development programming works to back up these leaders.  We firmly believe that an investment in their vision is an investment in a brighter future for Haiti.

Meet the 5 Winners - Chanpyon Lakay 2019


Katrine Vital

Kartrina Compost Business


Annajea Séraphin



Odel Pierre


Exsone Adrien



Naishka Leonard


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