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Re-Writing the Narrative

Stories of Haiti often ignore the success of local leaders working to transform their communities; overcoming daily challenges, and paving the way for sustainable development, civic engagement, and collaboration. Through diverse research projects, CLE highlights their innovations and hard-won lessons, showcasing alternatives modeled on citizen-led development, accountability, partnership, collaboration, and local resources. CLE’s leadership model is founded on their experiences. Identifying, supporting and bringing visibility to these local leaders, inspiring other community members, is central to our work.

Case Studies

Showcasing models of visionary Haitian leadership and good practice in citizen-led development is essential to our work. CLE video and written case studies are used broadly in our education and outreach activities, supporting peer-to-peer learning, promoting an inward-looking and reflective approach to leadership, and inspiring new leadership.

Case Studies



In Haiti, successful development initiatives are restricted by a lack of reliable data and information. CLE uses monthly surveys and involves communities and individuals who participated in our programs in offering solutions and tools for improved data, communication, and collaboration. This showcases the vision and work of leaders within our network which other communities can use as reference models


Our Programs

We believe that for social and economic development
to be truly sustainable it must start and be led from within.