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A Haitian to Haitian Response for a
More Sustainable Future

Join the POTE KOLE coalition to help the earthquake relief efforts TODAY,
and ensure stronger ecosystems TOMORROW


On August 14, 2021, the southwest of Haiti was struck by a disastrous 7.2 magnitude earthquake. This time, it is the South, Grand-Anse, and Nippes that are severely affected with a toll of 2207 dead, 344 missing and 12268 injured, according to the report of the Civil Protection published Sunday, August 23, 2021. Added to this, nearly 600,000 people have been directly affected by the earthquake and need emergency humanitarian aid and reconstruction aid, immediately.

Eleven years ago, when the devastating 2010 earthquake ravaged the center of the country, estimates cite that Haitian organizations and businesses received under 1% of the USD 2.5 billion relief aid that was raised for Haiti. Most funded internationally-led and executed efforts. We must learn from the errors of the very recent past. We must do better.

CLE Map Haiti Affected Aeras Earthquake

CLE Map Haiti Affected Aeras Earthquake
Grand'Anse South Department Department of Nippes


South Department

Department of Nippes

Investing in local responses to natural disasters is an investment in Haiti's future leadership, resilience and coordination.

A coalition of local Haitian organizations and businesses – CLE, Caribbean Craft, SWITCH and FERRE, LokoNation, Faircrops – have joined forces to execute an innovative long-term reconstruction program to facilitate the emergence of successful entrepreneurs. Under this POTE KOLE umbrella, this group wants to be an example of  how Haitians can stand up for each other TODAY and build stronger ecosystems for TOMORROW.

The Pote Kole coalition


This coalition will channel  funding and accompaniment to viable organizations and businesses to help them become stronger in the long run. Additionally, the fund will have a specific focus on supporting and launching new women-led food businesses than can meet a need now and build a stronger women’s enterprise ecosystem. Two kitchens have already fed 2800 people in the South, and with an emerging partnership for food donations from Acesso, we will met our goal of supporting women in leading the response.

Our support cannot not end here, however. This Haitian to Haitian support effort will accomplish the following over the next two years, in a phased approach:

In immediate RELIEF Phase, we will Set up 30 women-led local kitchens able to feed 360,000 people in the next two months. Phase 1 will award direct funding for infrastructure and food procurement, and accompaniment to ensure transparency and good management of short-term feeding kitchens. Two operating kitchens have been set up with many more in development.

In the RECOVERY PHASE (4 months), this alliance will Fund 60 growth-oriented organizations or businesses (with an emphasis on women-led food businesses - production, transformation, distribution, feeding) in making investments towards the stabilization of their operations and provision of essential services. Phase 2 will award direct funding of medium term projects, and place-based technical accompaniment.

In the SUSTAINABILITY PHASE (1 year), this alliance will support 90 organizations or businesses become sustainable, funded/financed - become stronger civil society and private sector actors able to improve economic and social dynamics in their communities in the long-term. Phase 3 will provide technical assistance to accelerate and develop sustainability plans for participants; small seed funding may be awarded at this stage

We will shortly be launching this application process.
Stay tuned for more details.


Direct Funding + Long-Term Accompaniment =


Haitian citizens helped

Neither CLE, nor the partners in the POTE KOLE coalition is a relief organization. We are, rather, an alliance of reputable partners with large networks of effective leaders, organizations and businesses, who are working together to usher in long-term sustainable growth in the affected region.

The POTE KOLE coalition has its origins in previous efforts in response to the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and Hurricane Matthew in 2017 which impacted over 150,000 Haitian Citizens, through enterprise support, reconstruction Projects, and through the distribution of relief in the form of hygiene and food kits to families.

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