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Youth Program

Investing in the next generation

Specialized programs focused on investing in the nearly 60% of 12 million of Haiti’s population who are Youth under the age of 35. Despite the many hurdles they face as a group, Haitian Youth are dynamic, innovative and resourceful. Supporting this  generation is critical as a long-term investment and a pathway to the transformation we all seek by equipping them with the skills and tools they need to better respond to the challenges they face and unlock new opportunities. We believe that growing the leadership pipeline within this group is the best, if not the only strategy to achieve the social and economic transformation Haiti needs. Therefore in 2014, we launched the National Youth Program to identify, connect and develop the leadership of like-minded youth.

  1. REGIONAL AND NATIONAL EVENTS unite and inspire like-minded youth.

  2. LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAMS build skills for social change and impact in transformative environments.

  3. ACCESS TO CATALYTIC RESOURCES funding, scholarships, mentorship and technical assistance.

Youth program represented in 7 of 10 departments.

2300 engaged in all programmatic activities.

1300 trained through leadership certificate programs.

72% Initiated a new civic and community development activity after participating in CLE programs.These community activities reached an estimated 35,000 additional people across the seven program regions. 14% Increase in youth-owned businesses throughout program participants after CLE engagement. 49% Credit CLE with job search success, citing improved CV preparation, leadership, and self-marketing skills.

video gallery

CLE LaMontay

Rural Youth Leadership Case Study presenting innovations for rural youth retention in the SouthEast of Haiti.

2019 Chanpyon Lakay Youth Leadership Competition

The public voted on vite winners who received seed funding, international scholarships, and accompaniment to expand their projects, in partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and South Korea.

CLE 2014 Youth Leadership Education Program 2014 -

Participant testimonials video.


Equipping a new generation of women
leaders for greater impact.