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Impact to date



CLE awarded $80,000 in funding to 42 community-led initiatives between Covid-19 programming (POTE KOLE-19) in 2020 and Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts in 2017. These 42 initiatives reached 35,000 people directly and 95,000 indirectly, with results including:


Food and
economic security

during the CORONAVIRUS

50 households in South received seedings - 300 people impacted
150 household on the island of La Gonâve received seedlings - 900 people impacted.
43 households (258 ppl) in Kenscoff received seedlines
65 households (390 ppl) in North East department received seedlines
50 households (300 ppl) created the first marketplace in their community and have access to launch their commercial activities 308 affected households received seedlings that included corn, peas, carrots and potatoes.
50 households in Paillant improved access to financial services

Food kits
after the Hurricane

Food kits distributed to 100 households, increasing food security of 674 people.

Medical / Psychological services/ PPE distributions

during the CORONAVIRUS

  • 180 elderly people received medical check-ups focusing on underlying conditions for coronavirus
  • 850 children received mental health attention/services from psychologist group.

Economic and reconstruction support after Hurricane Matthew

25 fishermen who lost all their equipment received economic support to rehabilitate their business.
108 homes rebuilt, affecting 440 people, through the distribution of roof reconstruction kits, bags of cement, sheet metal, etc


We invite you to take a look at this video of Potekole-19 so you see how we helped through this pandemic


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