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Our Leadership Programs

One size doesn’t fit all. CLE adapts its programs depending the target audience to maximize impact. Throughout all programs, CLE prioritizes women, youth, and local community leaders. They are the unrecognized assets – the fuel needed to bring about a new Haiti. CLE delivers programs to identify and maximize each groups’ specific opportunities and overcome their obstacles, and is developing more technically focused capacity building opportunities for entrepreneurs and local government officials.

We believe that for social and economic development to be truly sustainable it must start and be led from within. In 2013, we launched our leadership development certificate training programs. Using a participatory and interactive pedagogy these programs build leaders’ capacity to work collectively, leverage strategic shared resources and set goals for long-term community transformation.

Youth Program

Investing in the next generation.

Across all ten departments, CLE’s Youth Program – present in all ten departments – invests in the next cadre of Haitian leaders. The program is a comprehensive leadership development platform offering tools, opportunities and spaces to enable the success of a new generation of Haitian social change leaders across all sectors.

Women’s Program

Creating platforms for women’s advancement.

CLE’s new women’s leadership program, Fanm Angaje, offers support to emerging young social entrepreneurs in the form of intensive training, accompaniment, resources, and visibility to help young women access equal opportunities to achieve their visions for change.

Local Government and Civil Society Program

Investment in public leadership.

For a viable representative democracy, government officials and citizens alike must successfully play their parts. CLE programs build an aligned “language” between government and citizens to catalyze greater community-led change

Organizational Development Program

Innovations for Local Organizations.

Haitian organizations and businesses are indispensable building blocks for long-term transformation. CLE has invested in the leadership and technical capacity of over 800 local partners to date, to support their sustainability and expansion.

Enterprise Incubation Program (SeedHub)

Building entrepreneurial leadership.

Economic growth and job creation will require effective, creative and entrepreneurial leaders who are equipped for innovation and social change. CLE is working to build a robust enterprise ecosystem to provide the skills, information, and resources that emerging and established businesses need to succeed.


About Our

Educational programs are founded on the Values-Based Leadership for Social Change and Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) pedagogies. ABCD is an innovative philosophy that has been internationally championed by close CLE partner, the Coady International institute. ABCD focuses on mobilizing existing local resources as the foundation of all subsequent economic and social development activities. Indeed, this mentality shift, from needs to assets allows participants to quickly capture “low-hanging fruits,” sparking actions toward change rather than creating an inventory of needs and gaps.

With leadership and ABCD as the foundation, our programs have expanded to incorporate targeted tools and content for civic engagement, life & professional skills, conflict resolution, partnership and coalition building, entrepreneurship and social enterprise. To support organizational development, we deliver ethical leadership, governance and technical programs including budgeting and financial literacy and management, project cycles, writing a proposal, and more.

Our primary targets

Our primary targets are youth, women, rural and urban community leaders. We know these groups are the untapped assets on which a new Haiti can be built. We also know that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why our programs are tailored to identify and address the specific contexts and opportunities facing different sectors, groups, and even regions. We aim to meet leaders where they live and work to help them achieve maximum impact.

Communities and
Local Organizations




National & Local

CLE in Numbers 2011-2019

leaders , 40% women, trained in leadership certificate programs
Over 5500 Haitians engaged through all CLE program activities
community organizations represented throughout our programs
Scholarships awarded for international leadership and development education certificate programs
Awarded in seed grants to community organizations and leaders across the country

Program Insights
– 2010 to 2019

We have learned many lessons about how to effectively improve leadership capacity and catalyze locally-led community development. We are a learning organization, always analyzing and iterating to ensure maximum impact in everything we do. Through hard-won lessons we ensure to ALWAYS:

Be intentional

The challenges in Haiti have been long in the making and deeply rooted. We know that this work is for the long-term and that the instinct to find quick solutions will yield to disappointment.  So, stay focused!

Be practical

Leadership does not exist in a vacuum, and we have strived to build programs to support participants in tangible, relevant ways, recognizing that it is where real leadership transformation will take rootblandit tortor. Nam ac sodales lectus. Donec tincidunt magna lorem, accumsan pellentesque sapien cursus et.

Nurture Relationships

The creation of intentional spaces to strengthen ties yields great results in the short and long-term. This is imperative to build the kind of coordination that is needed across regions, sectors and socio-economic groups. 

Build Partnerships

No one organization or person can bring about the broad systemic changes we seek.  We have to develop and leverage partnerships within communities to achieve broader impact.

Showcase Haitian solutions and success

Compelling stories and in-person exchanges (peer and expert mentorships) with exceptional Haitian leaders, are indispensable in enabling leaders to overcome the many obstacles to success.

Program Perspectives

2020 to 2030

As we look toward the next decade, we will focus on the following strategic priorities:

Strengthening a national leadership network across all ten departments
Expanding women-focused spaces and programs
Deepening services to youth and entrepreneurs
Institutionalizing intergenerational mentorship through programs and events
Expanding tailored and intensive ”fellowship” programs to ensure that visionary Haitian leaders can obtain support, resources, and accompaniment to realize their goals and build new models in Haiti


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